Our Privacy Policy

We understand that we overwhelm you with paper.  We ask you to bear with us as we are required to give you this information and we hope that it will be helpful.

We collect a lot of information about you and we use all reasonable safeguards to be sure that we send only the minimum information necessary to others to meet your needs and that of public agencies who have a legal right to them.

We will release information about you to the following parties (and any others who have a legitimate need related to your treatment, payment and healthcare operations): other doctors and healthcare providers who care for you, your insurance company and public organizations that have a right to the data for controlling disease, oversight, regulation, law enforcement, protective services and similar activities.

If you are participating in a research activity, a representative of that study will obtain your consent for any information that will be released to them.

If you do not wish us to give out this information you have a right to ask that we do not, but we have the right to stop caring for you if your request impairs our ability to care for you or meet our legal or payor requirements.

You have a right to review your record and to suggest in writing any changes you think need to be made.

We will record in your medical record all requests that you make and all information sent beyond those listed above; this information is available to you.

We need your assistance in respecting your wishes about how to communicate with you.  Please let us know if you do not want to permit any of the following communications.


  • Leaving messages on your answering machine
  • Leaving messages with household members at your home
  • Responding to questions from your legal next of kin
  • Responding to your personal email or sending communication to you at the address given

If you have any questions or complaints about this process, you may ask any member of our staff, your doctor, or ask to speak with the Medical Director or Office Manager.